The selling of Comet parking devices ends at 31.12.2015. You can however use and load your Comet device until the end of year 2017. You can also order accessories and a new device if your old one is broken.

Free exchange of broken device. You get a new device for free in exchange for a broken one from Comet Park is Easy-support, Klaarantie 3, 00200 HELSINKI (open mon-fri 8-16.00). You can also order one from the webshop by adding the broken device's serialnumber to the order. In that case you only pay delivery fee 4,90€.

Order Comet accesssories or a new Comet device instead of a broken one by filling in the form below. You can also order by making us a phonecall at 010 830 8550 or send us mail at myynti[at]comet.fi.

You are also welcome to buy from our Comet Customer Service Point in Klaarantie 3, 00200 HELSINKI.

Please note: Postage costs 4,90€ are added to the invoice. All prices include VAT 24%.

All prices of the Comet-service and products are found here.


Order Comet device instead of broken one

10% is charged from the preloaded sum